Types of Literacy

One of my assignments is to become more versed in the “types” of literacy which basically is a way to catagorize the ways we seek out and learn.

PIDP 3100 has brief definitions on what the types are – and my purpose in blogging about it is primarily “selfish” as the best way to really see if you understand something is to attempt to explain it – so here goes…

  • Information Literacy – basically the realization you don’t know the answer and you need to search out sources of information
  • Digital Literacy – so you have discovered you need info and you start using digital technology to acquire it – the internet, cell phones, radio, tv…
  • Computer Literacy – it relates to the digital literacy – and you have the skills (or are learning them) to use you computer/iPad/tablet/smartphone to acquire it…
  • Media Literacy – media – different forms of information – YouTube, Blogs, Recordings, Video… it isn’t just black and white (as in newspapers or encyclopedias anymore)…
  • Critical Literacy – now you have located information and you need to assess it… kinda like getting an email saying you have won $1 million but you need to send $15K to get it… okay – more than that – you need to use what you know to evaluate the information – seek out other sources to support it – compare it to what you have learned in your life’s journey, ask the advice of someone you trust… what’s important is that you don’t just accept information without taking time to verify it or validate it…

Well – that’s my simple version of it…

Journal update October 9, 2012

My topic for research is going to be something near and dear to my heart – Duty To Accommodate (DTA) – which is a relatively new term to many.

So what is DTA? Basically it is a human right to participate in something which might exclude someone due to a variety of conditions/situations. It is something which is definitely now something more noticeable in education but also in work, sports & shopping just to name a few.

This past summer even the Olympics had a very noticeable DTA – Oscar Pristorius  – the Olympics allowed a double amputee to run in the 400m race and the 4x400m relay.

At work it might mean that someone job duties are shifted allowing a person to remain at work instead of being laid off as it was not that long ago.

And in education it can be a variety of adaptations – extended time, a note taker, recorded lectures, audible tests instead of written, use of a computer instead of handwriting. It might mean an educator needs to adjust their teaching style.

New ways are opening up for people who are capable of great things but otherwise might be excluded –  blind doctor – Helen Keller 

More resources will be coming in the future – tonight was simply about getting my thoughts down as I have personally dealt with DTA at work and in learning. On May 2, 1997 I was in an accident that resulted in a brain injury – and literally my world changed forever – I had to not only relearn many skills I had once taken for granted but the method on how I learned them also dramatically changed. The silver lining is that it has made me a better educator as it has given personal insight into the varied ways of learning.

About me…


I am just a normal everyday Canadian – I love my family which is composed of me, my hubby and my 3 grown children – oh, and of course my fur babies… you can see Sherman in the picture above…

I work a M-F job in healthcare – and I can honestly say that I LOVE my job 🙂

Some of my free time is donated to my being involved on the provincial and national cardiology technologists board of directors.

I also have a passion for teaching – and I have been told that I am a good teacher – even by other teachers – so I have decided to pursue my BC Provincial Instructor Dipolma and I am taking the PIDP course through VCC.

This blog will be focused on my travels as I learn how to become a better teacher to adults and I will see where it takes me.


My first posting for resources are:

http://instructordiploma.com/ – if you are interested in becoming a better instructor – or just want to see what is is about

https://www.facebook.com/VCCSchoolOfInstructorEducation – doesn’t everyone have a FB page now? Here is the VCC FB site.


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